Obama plans to give away Internet control

WASHINGTON, March 17, 2014  — This past Friday, the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) announced that the federal government is getting out of supervisory control of the Internet next year. This means that President Obama plans to give up Internet control.

The U.S. government originally created the Internet as a communication tool for its military. The Department of Defense’s Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA) originally created the Internet by linking together networks and government agencies in the 1960s and ‘70s. The network of networks became known as the Internet and the rules that govern the system allowing the networks to communicate amongst each other became known as Internet Protocols (IPs).

IP addresses are numerical addresses that serve as routing addresses. The Domestic Name Service (DNS) translates IP numbers into common, easy to remember names for sites. To access this site you type in http://brennerbrief.com; that is the DNS for the IP address.

According to the press release by the NTIA on July 1, 1997,  President Bill Clinton ordered the NTIA to pursue privatization of supervisory control of the Internet to increase “competition and facilitate international participation in its management.” President Clinton did not direct the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to pursue handing off DNS to the United Nations. He spoke of private enterprise possibly doing a better job.

Bush administration State Department senior advisor Christian Whiton critiqued this decision when he told The Daily Caller, “This is the Obama equivalent of Carter’s decision to give away the Panama Canal — only with possibly much worse consequences.”

The Daily Caller spoke of ICANN’s growing consideration of opening an office in Geneva, which is second only to New York City as a United Nations presence. This writer spoke to many knowledgeable people on this topic and discovered they considered the action of handing off control of DNS to be an infrastructure risk to America.

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Paul Sutliff

Paul Sutliff

Assistant Editor & Contributor at The Brenner Brief
Paul is the author of Stealth Jihad Phase 2: Infiltrate American Colleges. Paul has been on WYSL and the Radio Jihad Network an educational informational network of shows on Blog Talk Radio. Paul's research has been appreciated by P. David Gaubatz, author of Muslim Mafia and Ryan Mauro, of the Clarion Project. But Paul does more than write, he travels and speaks to groups about his concerns.


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  • Allen Barclay Allen

    No really How can Obama give away control of something that don’t belong to him. This sounds just like Al Gore’s claim to building the internet. What a bunch of Buffoons these liberals claim jumpers. The internet is owned by a Japanese corporation Xerox and whoever Steve Jobs left it to in european international law left it to they both own the international patent. And by european standards Steve Jobs’s family will always be the beneficiary of the internet. Do you really think this family wouldn’t be smart enough to make that happen.???????? Liberal Claim Jumpers idiots !!!!!!