Evidence: progressive media, activists ignore truth

Progressive media and activists led a two-day barrage of fallacies against me. I will not be silenced, and I’m fighting back.

Progressives are self-righteous and always believe they are right even when the facts prove they are clearly are wrong. To them, we on the right are always wrong and evil, regardless of facts.

In the last week I have been accused by the left of being, retarded, vile, despicable, evil, a liar, a Koch whore, and a few other things I can not repeat — that was just on Friday. I must admit, I had a special tingle up my leg when I was called a Koch whore. What sparked all of this contempt were two things which happened within the last two weeks: an article I wrote, and an article I didn’t write.

The Daily Kos decided that they would write a story about a Brenner Brief News article which written by someone else, and attribute it to me. Here’s how they concocted their lie:

From The Daily Kos

From The Daily Kos


Not only that, they claimed that the article said that Sandy Hook was a hoax. Of course neither were true, but that didn’t stop Kos from printing it.

The article about Sandy Hook was posted Thursday evening. By 10 A.M. Friday my twitter timeline had blown up and my statehouse office telephone had numerous messages telling me how evil I was. Of course, the truth didn’t matter and politics, which can be ugly, got very ugly.

My wife — who created, runs and owns Brenner Brief News — took the article in question down, primarily because people were using it to smear me. She posted a statement in its place.

It didn’t matter to liberals, progressives and their kind that the article never said it was a hoax. All of the true facts were irrelevant to their agenda. All that mattered to the left was to spread the lie, demagogue me, and rewrite history if they could.

I spent about two days denying their false accusations and hitting the left back at every turn. By Sunday, one person called my office and apologized for placing the lies on their personal Facebook page. She also posted a retraction on her page after she realized she was mislead by Talking Points Memo, The Daily Kos, Huffington Post, MSNBC and others who reported that I had written this piece. The Rachel Maddow Show blog even picked up on my article and commented about it. I’m especially proud of that one as I probably gained recognition by another 20 Ohioans. However, most on the left didn’t care and continued to spread the lie because it fit their agenda to do so. Twitter is full of progressives and they like to swarm in and sting people, whether they deserve it or not.

My article from two weeks ago, when I suggested that our education system was socialism and that we should consider privatizing it, also set off a firestorm. That article was intended to provoke some thought about our education system.

The left does not want anyone calling our system of primary education “socialism” and they definitely do not want to consider privatizing it. The fact that we have had vouchers for 20 years, that the late great economist Milton Friedman promoted the idea over 40 years ago, and that we have also had freedom of choice for secondary education, all do not fit the progressive agenda. Progressives also do not want to admit that primary education has major problems that money can not fix.

I wrote the article primarily so that members on my side of the aisle could start to think about how to fix our education system in the long run. What it became was an alleged slam on public education. What I find funny about the situation is the fact that here in Ohio, it will be almost impossible to privatize the system. My article suggested at the end that we move towards a more privatized system. It took our own Ohio legislature a month and a half to figure out how to add four calamity days to the school calendar, yet I am somehow going to privatize the system? Ohio needed the extra days because schools have been closed a lot this winter due to cold, snowy weather as a result of global warming, I mean, climate change.

Progressive media and their activists absolutely slammed me. I am an evil Koch sponsored right-winged puppet, according to them. I don’t know anything about our education system, they say. Ohio should be embarrassed to have me elected, according to them. I should be recalled, wrote one person, because I am not upholding the Ohio Constitution which says we are to have public schools. Unfortunately for the writer who obviously failed to read the Ohio Constitution, we do not have recalls here in Ohio.

My original article on education is still drawing comments, most of which have slammed me. Many of the comments I can not repeat due to the crude language involved, and many of those comments were deleted due to vulgarity. I’m guessing those people had a public education — common core may have even been involved. The article was shared nearly one thousand times on Facebook, and it appears to be mostly from the left. They really do hate the right. It’s a mean, deep-seeded, vindictive hatred. I do hope that more on the right will share it, as only we can reform the system that the progressives have taken over.

I replied to most people who called or emailed me. To most of their surprise, I called them back, and even more to their shock, I wasn’t the evil person I was made out to be. Many of them were flabbergasted that I understood education policy and even had some good ideas with which they agreed, too. Others didn’t want to hear the truth and decided to “Move On” so to speak.

I believe the right and conservatives need to stand up for ourselves and our policies. We should not back down, especially when under attack. In fact, we need to go on the offensive. Our policies are the right ones. The left will continue their attacks regardless of the truth, that doesn’t mean we have to live with it.

Progressive media will lie, so we have to read, share and participate even more in the media that tells the truth (like Brenner Brief News). If you ever wanted evidence that progressive ignore the truth, I have given you two examples. Let this motivate you to fight back, stand up, speak up, and fight on. Don’t let them intimidate you.

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Andrew Brenner

Andrew Brenner

Contributor at Brenner Brief News
Andrew O. Brenner is a conservative, Republican state representative in Ohio. Elected in 2010 after serving as county recorder since 2005, Brenner is vice-chair of the Ohio House Education Committee. He also serves on the Financial Institutions / Housing / Urban Development Committee, Policy & Oversight Committee, and Rules & Reference.


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  • Ricky

    This was a rant of a reply. But, i got to say i didn’t find anything wrong with your “Public education in america is socialism, what is the solution?” article. I thought it was a un-biased article. Though this reply that you wrote was more of the left, which to me is the same as the right, is giving me a hard time. From what you wrote, they were, unreasonably so. But, i think maybe you should stop thinking left or right, and more individuals. What i mean by that is, the smallest group of people can be the loudest and the group that they are in are misrepresented. I read the definitions for Republican and Democrat, and i really don’t see the elected senators fitting that description. I would like to talk solutions with you with education. I don’t know if i will be much help, but i don’t mind helping figure out how to make smart U.S. Americans even more smart.