Bundy ranch debacle: Big government vs. the people

Image credit: wikipedia

Image credit: wikipedia

What’s brewing at the Bundy Ranch? It does have the makings of old-fashioned hoedown, and by hoedown one might say a Boston tea party type of image.

Stage right enters the Bundy’s, using open range to graze their live stock as the family has done for about a hundred years. Now enter stage left ,the federal government, doing what only the federal government can do, which is to overreact with excessive force.

The Feds say that they’re following the law, to wit, protecting turtles, desert tortoise, listed as a protracted species, and to get paid for the grazing fees owed by the Bundy’s. The Bundy’s say that they comply with state law, and the Feds have no right to rustle their livestock and block access to the open range. The bottom line is the Bundy’s want their grievances heard in the state court of Nevada, and the Feds want to stay in federal court.

This started in 1993 with the Bureau of Land Management encroaching on the open range and forcing open range ranchers out and has reached the point of no more “shoving allowed without resistance.” This should be familiar to people like Eric Holder, who was in the Justice Department with Janet Reno, which had more than their share of muck-ups.

It would do well for the federal government to recall the past muck-ups, which they will not. This of course is the normal method of operation for any government that over steps it bounds and creates the spark of rebellion. Only time will tell if this is the proverbial last straw.

As we watch this play out most people pick one of two sides: government is just too dang big, or government is too dang small. We know which side the bureaucrats and their numbskulls will fall on. The question is which side will those that matter fall on, the people? My grandfather would say, no man will stand being told what to do for long, unless he is a slave by force of arms, and only then until he learns the cost of liberty.

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Geoff Heald

Geoff Heald

Geoff Heald is retired and now living in the state of confusion. Confused as to how so many can be confused by so few for so long. He is in hopes that the confused can recognize that even a broken clock is right twice a day. Semper Fidelis to God, Country and Corps.


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  • UTKR

    There seems to be a strong argument on both sides what is going on, but I understand the real story has something to do with a wind mill farm on the land promised to China.

  • lowCal90

    You are a lamp of liberty, a shining beacon for all to see. Glow brighter, shine bigger: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Phillip Wilson (Zerocks Globe)

    Since free markets reward us for the usefulness of our actions, they are incompatible with merit-based systems of subjective judgment.

  • lildebrarae

    This is just more ‘proof’ that the Democrats never had any love for the Jewish People. When will Liberal Jews wake up and see this? I wonder what Rockerfeller thought Eugenics meant?