What to do when attending a wine tasting event


Everyone needs to know the ins and outs of attending a wine tasting event. We live in exciting wine times. Regardless of your personal preferences or level of sophistication, you are drinking better wines by default. Sound viticulture practices, new technologies, information sharing and plain raw winemaking talent honed over years of experience all make for an exciting time for wine lovers.

A future California cult wines list…


Wikipedia’s definition of cult wines: “Cult wines are those for which dedicated groups of committed enthusiasts will pay large sums of money.” Such wines would include: Screaming Eagle, Harlan, Colgin, Bryant, Araujo, Dalla Valle, Scarecrow, and a few others. The consumers that were savvy enough to get on the mailing lists before the critical accolades were able to purchase these wines at release prices, and subsequently enjoy, cellar or even re-sell these wines at a hefty profit at auction

Are women winemakers taking California by storm?


There are over 3700 wineries in the state of California. Roughly 10% of them have a woman as either winemaker or consultant. How many women winemakers are taking the world of wine by storm? Without question, some of these women have become wine aficionado favorites. Here are just a few of some of the women making waves:

World of Pinot Noir moves…or does it?


Pinot Noir enthusiast everywhere look forward to early March when producers from all over the world gather in Central Coast to showcase their favorite wines. The World of Pinot Noir boasts a weekend full of top-notch seminars lead by wine industry stars, walk around tastings paired with gourmet bites, and extravagant meals.

Wizards of wine: Premier Napa Valley


Appropriately titled “Premier Napa Valley,” with its centerpiece being live auction, is an annual opportunity for top trade and media guests to experience and purchase the most exclusive wines.

Masters and Makers Napa Valley create a perfect blend at Meritage Resort


This past Valentine’s Day, the Masters and Makers Napa Valley wine and food event premiered. Its aim was to showcase wine from Napa’s and Sonoma’s most renowned wineries. A variety of educational panels were present, and world-class fine dining graciously prepared by the team of Meritage Resort. Masters and Makers Napa Valley provided everything one […]