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In defense of white European Christian males

If you want to pass any given university’s history or sociology course, just blame everything on evil white European Christian males. And I mean everything. Speaking of evil white European Christian males, Alex Trebeck may give the answer as “This Italian not only has the capital cities of Ohio and South Carolina named after him, […]

Islam assignment at La Plata High School via Faye Higbee of misguidedchildren.com

AP History course teaches that Islam ‘…offered equality and hope’

LA PLATA, Md. –  La Plata High School filed a “No Trespass Order” against Kevin Wood, a parent and former corporal with the U.S. Marine Corps, who, the school vaguely asserts, “threatened to cause problems that would potentially disrupt La Plata High School” according to a statement posted at Snopes.com, while deeming this story to be a “mixture” of […]

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2014 Elections

Scrooge via wordstocount

With families and companies struggling, is a ‘humbug’ Christmas coming?

If you haven’t been tracking the news closely, you might not realize that four of the largest and most iconic American companies have stalled with multiple quarters of flat revenues. That’s right. Walmart, IBM, McDonald’s, and Coke have stopped growing! Depending on the company, the flat sales have endured for well over a year, in fact, up to ten quarters in a row for IBM. An exhaustive search of other large and well-known companies would probably extend this list. Is this a warning? Is a “humbug” Christmas coming?

2014 senate election map SOURCE: Wiki Commons

What lurks just beyond the elections

As America moves into the last full week before the mid-term elections, citizens have become focused on the many scandals and injustices President Obama and the Democrat-led Senate have imposed on America. What many may not be considering, however is what will happen after the elections. Those additional offenses lurking in the shadows will not be big surprises, but they will be nasty. This […]

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Assad regime drops barrel bombs on Syrian refugee camp, kills dozens

The United States Department of State said Wednesday it was horrified to learn the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad dropped barrel bombs on the Abedin refugee camp. It called the attack “barbaric” as dozens were killed, mostly women and children. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the two barrel bombs killed at […]

Zale Thompson via Fox News (Screenshot)

NYC hatchet attacker Zale Thompson was recent convert to Islam

NEW YORK CITY - Zale Thompson, 32, who brutally attacked police officers with a hatchet in broad daylight converted to Islam two years ago, as revealed at ABC News. Thompson was shot and killed by police during the attack. Twitchy reported that Thompson “has a criminal record in California and was discharged from the Navy for misconduct.” […]

Students from Marysville-Pilchuck High school in Marysville, Wash., are led outside the school after a Friday morning shooting. KOMO

Witness: Seattle Student shooter punched kid who made ‘racist’ comment

SEATTLE – A shooting at the Marysville-Pilchuck High School, a school with over 1500 kids about 35 miles north of Seattle, resulted in “at least” two students being shot, as reported at CNN, who added that the shooting started in the cafeteria based on a report from a mother, who said that her son told her that […]


CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 4: A voter fraud sign is seen at Lupica Towers November 4, 2008  in Cleveland, Ohio.  Voting is underway in the US presidential elections with Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) leading in the race against the Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).  (Photo by J.D. Pooley/Getty Images)

The truth about voter fraud

Eric Holder is an angry man. That’s not exactly news, but he is even angrier than usual now thanks to Texas having their voter ID law upheld by the Supreme Court. Holder argues that voter ID laws amount to the suppression of minority voters, which on its face is absurd. Identification is needed to buy liquor, […]

Obama needs protection

Obamas failed presidency

The term failed presidency has been bandied about quite a bit lately. I’m sure it was used often toward the end of Jimmy Carters only term also, but what does it really mean? What exactly is the criteria for a failed presidency? One might assume borrowing nearly a trillion dollars as a stimulus for jobs […]

GOP Democrats

The future of America will be decided in November

We are now less than thirty days from the all-important midterm elections. The very future of America is hanging in the balance. That sounds ominous, dire even. It is. This is not hyperbole or vitriolic rhetoric. It is a logical observation based on what the American people demand of their government. This election will reveal […]

Thousands of Syrian Kurds flee to Turkey Friday after being displaced by ISIS in northern Syria via PBS

Obama, ISIS and the southern border

President Obama has had his hand forced by the power of polls to come up with a strategy to deal with the Islamist State also known as ISIS. He is doing the absolute bare minimum to appear as though he is tough and taking action, but not enough to actually do much good. As he […]

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