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Christ and Santa; gifts for each other at Christmas

Christmas is a very special time for Christians and non-Christians alike. And why is that? Because it is actually two separate events, both important, yet they have become merged over time… One of the two special events at Christmas is the spiritual aspect that is the celebration of the birth of Christ, which has with it many […]

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The most important thing you can do this Christmas

Ed. Note: This letter was forwarded to Peter Gunn by a dear friend of Broadside News. Gunn was so moved by the message of the letter that he wanted to share. Here it is, in it’s entirety, typos included. I know a family in a little town in NH who could teach us all a thing or two […]

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2014 Elections

Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

First three bills the GOP should pass in January

Having solidified the House and having reclaimed the Senate, the Republican Party is now in a good position to push the Republican agenda. What should be the first five bills the GOP passes in January? They should serve as a platform for the GOP’s plans in the next two years. Whether or not Obama signs […]

President Obama and Valerie Jarrett | Photo Credit Wiki-Media

The delusional spin machine: Democrats explain the midterm losses

Republicans took back the Senate and added members to the House during the midterm elections, but it does not reflect a rejection of Democrat policies and rhetoric, at least according to the progressive spin machine. The gelling narrative is that Americans rejected Democrats because they want politicians to work together, despite Obama’s assertion in October that Democrat “policies are on […]

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#SydneySiege: Aussie authorities ‘unsure’ of terrorist’s motivation

Islamic jihad isn’t something the Australian nation or her people are unfamiliar with. Between the 2002 and 2005 Bali Bombings which killed almost 100 Aussies, as well as the recent breaking up of a Jihadist plot to kidnap citizens off the streets specifically to decapitate them, the figurative and literal banner of jihad has again […]

A soldier escorts schoolchildren after they were rescued from from the Army Public School that is under attack by Taliban gunmen in Peshawar via Reuters

Taliban militants kill children in Peshawar school attack

The Taliban has attacked a school in Peshawar, Pakistan, killing at least 18 people, including 16 students as reported at Reuters. Additionally, hundreds of students have been taken hostage by the militants, who are “fighting to topple the government and set up a strict Islamic state.” Dawn reported that the death toll is at 104. Many children have been taken […]

Founder of "Doctors for Obama" Vivek Murthy / Photo Source:

Likely new Surgeon General tweeted about ‘coverage for 11 million undoc immigrants’

One of the beneficiaries of the nuclear option is Dr. Vivek Murthy, whose nomination as the new Surgeon General was confirmed this weekend. Murthy, a highly partisan political activist, co-founded “Doctors for Obama,” a group that is funded by the Center for American Progress and eventually morphed into “Doctors for America.” Doctors for America, a pro-Obamacare organization to say the […]

ISIS flag via New York Times

Breaking! Islamic extremists holding hostages at Lindt Cafe in Sydney, Australia

While the Islamic terror angle has generally been a buzz instead of a thunder, there has been plenty of reporting about the goings on at the Lindt cafe in Sydney’s central business district, where hostages have been taken by Islamic terrorists. The New York Times does report that “one or more gunmen took hostages and displayed […]


Manny Vega and Blaine Cooper praying at White House with fellow patriots (Facebook)

It is time to take America back

Something deeply disturbing took place last week that was entirely ignored by the criminally corrupt mainstream media. A federal judge ordered the Treasury Inspector General (TIG) to turn over twenty-five hundred documents that would likely have implicated the White House in the IRS scandal. The documents were requested in a freedom of information act by […]

Illegal aliens crossing the border via WND

Obama times amnesty to be buried by Ferguson

Surely it was no accident that President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty for five million illegal aliens came just as the decision was to be announced in the Ferguson case. He knew the Ferguson decision and the inevitable violence he and Eric Holder had helped to stoke would wipe the subject off the front pages of the news. He […]

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Real Social Justice

Much has been made about “Social Justice” by the left. It is their Socialist mantra, their excuse for creating and promoting policies that would level the playing field for their perceived victim groups. It is the cloak of compassion they use to hide their ugly identity politics. They throw out incendiary phrases like aid for […]

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