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Is there ever true debate with fundamentalist Muslims?

It can quite easily be argued that there’s very little point in debating with most Muslims because there’s rarely any genuine debate in the first place. This has got nothing to do with non-Muslims disagreeing with Muslims or vice versa. It’s because there is no true – or any kind! – of debate to begin […]

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Keeping Obamacare in the limelight as elections draw near

As Americans are in the final two months leading to the midterms in November, the terror group ISIS monopolizes the news cycle for better or for worse for Democrats. Still President Obama continues to play politics. Nowhere is this more evident than in the postponement of his promised executive order to grant millions of illegal’s amnesty. […]

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2014 Elections

Tea Party march on DC |Photo Credit JD Brown

Tea Party job one: Take the wind from the progressive sails

What America needs politically at this point in its history is not so much a Tea Party “victory’ but the total repudiation of progressive governance As a Tea Party member supporting small government independent nothing would make me happier than to see the Republicans regain control of the Senate while watching Mitch McConnell and Thad […]

Rahm Emanuel via Flickr

Is Rahm qualified to be governor?

Yes, you read that headline right. Governor, not mayor. Yes, Rahm Emanuel is running for mayor of Chicago in 2015, but Pat Quinn, the current governor, doesn’t seem to think that he is qualified to run for governor of Illinois. You see, Bruce Rauner is an extremely successful man. He made millions of dollars as […]

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ISIS executes David Haines in new video (screenshot)

ISIS kills David Haines, posts video message to the ‘allies of America’

David Haines is the latest to be murdered by the Islamic State, as evidenced in a new video being posted on social media. Like the videos of American Journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, this sickening video shows a decapitated Haines, a British aid worker, at the end of the “message to America.” This time, the ISIS […]

James Foley via vice news / Photo by Manu Brabo

James Foley’s family speaks out, starts foundation in his name

Two separate interviews highlighted disturbing revelations about the federal government’s response to the abduction of James Foley, a freelance American journalist who was murdered by the Islamic State in a “video message to America.” But it is clear that the family also has a message for Americans: “Come together.” On CNN, James Foley’s mother Diane told […]

Firefighters disciplined for refusing to remove American flag stickers via NBC New York

Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh cites ‘culture of racism’ for American flag controversy

Four firefighters were reinstated after being disciplined in suburban Chicago for refusing to remove American flag and Marine Corps stickers from their helmets and lockers, as reported at a local Chicago outlet, WGNtv. Maywood Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh had initially “issued a mandate” for the firefighters to remove the flags but reversed course on Wednesday […]

Raymond Moran allegedly attacked with a machete (graphic injury blurred) via Fox16 in Arkansas

Is a machete attack in Arkansas newsworthy? (Warning: graphic photo!)

According to a Facebook post by a woman claiming to be his sister, Raymond Moran was allegedly robbed in Arkansas outside of a liquor store where he was beat and attacked with a machete. According to local news outlet Fox16 in a report seemingly prompted by the Facebook post, a police report on the incident “downplayed” the injury, referring […]


IRS new logo via nobarack08

IRS scandal heats up, media remains deaf and mute

Recently the Democrats and the mainstream media gleefully exploited the racial politics of Ferguson. Much less gleefully they’ve been forced to discuss the threat of the Islamic State, or ISIS. They should still be grateful however for it has given them an excuse to completely ignore the many recent developments in the burgeoning Internal Revenue […]

James Madison on Government Charity 1794 via thefederalistpapers.og

The state of the welfare state

Though the administration is making grand claims of a rebounding economy; the reality is the welfare state has grown much faster than the anemic economy.  This is not by accident. The Democrats want economic numbers that are just good enough to hide their real agenda, but not so good that fewer people will need government […]

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