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Obama’s creepy activist group, OFA, pushes #YesOn594

The creepy Obama advocacy group, “Organizing for Action,” along with the usual gun control activists, really, really want the residents of Washington state to vote #YesOn594. A gun control ballot initiative (I-594) that would require background checks on all firearm sales in Washington State is competing with a gun rights ballot question (I-591) that would not allow Washington State to […]


Deneen Borelli confronted at NAACP convention (Video)

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, July 21 2014 – A video posted at the Progressives.com YouTube page Monday highlighted a heated exchange between black conservatives Deneen Borelli and Rev. C.L. Bryant, and a woman who identified herself as Adrienne Jones, who angrily challenged them at the NAACP annual convention for being there when they don’t “stand for any of the principles […]

2014 Elections

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Conservatives need to focus on the prize, stop establishment trickery

This past week we saw an election result that shouldn’t have happened. Using establishment trickery, Thad Cochran won his primary over Chris McDaniel by utilizing tactics that are questionable and downright wrong. He catered to the black community by painting McDaniel and tea partiers as racists. Cochran then told these voters to switch from Democrats to […]


Wendy Davis’ campaign falters

  While Texas Democrat gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ campaign was once hailed as the best chance to turn Texas blue, her recent fundraising efforts have shown a lack of enthusiasm for her campaign. Wednesday, June 25, marks the one year anniversary of a noted Texan lawmaker’s arrival on the national stage.  However it turns out few […]

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IRS Commisioner John Koskinen provides testimony on improper payments before the House Oversight government operations subcommittee on July 9, 2014. / SOURCE: Getty Images

Improper payments by federal government total $100 billion annually

WASHINGTON, July 9, 2014 – Improper payments by federal government agencies total about $100 billion each year. That is roughly the same amount the Obama administration spent on the war and security operations in Afghanistan last year. During testimony in a congressional hearing on July 9, agencies blamed the improper payments on fraud, clerical errors, […]

League City Councilwoman Heidi Thiess | PHOTO CREDIT: Heidi Thiess via Flikr

Texas town bans illegal alien children

Suburb of Houston, League City, Texas, bans illegal alien children, including those “other than Mexican” or from “non-contiguous nations”. Galveston County, Texas followed suit not long after the town passed its resolution.

Colorado Rocky Mountain High / SOURCE: pbs.org

Lawsuit claims Colorado marijuana taxes violate Fifth Amendment

DENVER, CO, June 30, 2014 — Marijuana advocates have filed a lawsuit in Colorado to block the collection of taxes on the sale of recreational marijuana in the state. The suit alleges any requirement of taxes on the sale of pot, which remains illegal under federal law, violates the right of citizens to avoid self-incrimination […]

640px-Manhattan_New_York_City_Godman Sahcs tower

Former Goldman Sachs employees petition for class action suit

Goldman Sachs Tower Photo Courtesy Wiki Commons MANHATTAN, July 3, 2014 — Two former Goldman Sachs employees, H. Cristina Chen-Oster and Shanna Orlich, petitioned a Manhattan Federal Judge on Tuesday requesting to transition their 2010 discrimination lawsuit into a class action suit on behalf of all current and former female associates and vice-presidents. The suit claims that female […]



The true cost of immigration reform

As hundreds of protests against the distribution of the illegal immigrant Central American children and those accompanying them took place across the country this past weekend comprehensive immigration reform is once again front and center. A recent Gallup Poll shows illegal immigration is the top concern of Americans right now at seventeen percent, in front […]

March for Life
PHOTO Credit: Wiki Commons

University of Chicago promotes abortion

The University of Chicago has published what amounts to a how-to guide on getting an abortion, complete with referrals to local abortion providers, links to financial assistance programs and statements that it’s one of the “safest” procedures in America today. This article was originally posted at thecollegefix.com. . The guide also tacitly warns readers not to […]

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