Don’t Put Your Hope in “Conservatives”

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.” –President Franklin D. Roosevelt Conservatives are continuing on in their venture of shamelessness and stupidity, debating over the next presidential nominees that have been handpicked.  Furthermore, in many cases, their records have proven them to be corrupt and ineligible. Yet, all […]

Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio via

Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio

Big money likes Jeb Bush, but the majority of Americans do not. They suffer from Bush fatigue. That means it is time for Jeb to behave like the senior statesman he wants to be and face the facts. Go ahead and continue to raise money from supporters. Then (gracefully): Jeb Bush withdraw; endorse Marco Rubio. Why? Because of all the many GOP hopefuls, Marco Rubio is the best combination of attributes and competencies, and the most likely electable of the bunch. See the end of this article to find out why.

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2014 Elections

Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

First three bills the GOP should pass in January

Having solidified the House and having reclaimed the Senate, the Republican Party is now in a good position to push the Republican agenda. What should be the first five bills the GOP passes in January? They should serve as a platform for the GOP’s plans in the next two years. Whether or not Obama signs […]

President Obama and Valerie Jarrett | Photo Credit Wiki-Media

The delusional spin machine: Democrats explain the midterm losses

Republicans took back the Senate and added members to the House during the midterm elections, but it does not reflect a rejection of Democrat policies and rhetoric, at least according to the progressive spin machine. The gelling narrative is that Americans rejected Democrats because they want politicians to work together, despite Obama’s assertion in October that Democrat “policies are on […]

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Italian Coast Guard (photo: public domain).

Italian police; Muslim boat people threw Christians overboard, feared dead

With Italy being hammered by an “unprecedented” wave of illegal immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East flooding the country, Italian police are investigating accusations that passengers from latest rescued boatload have actually murdered fellow passengers based on their being Christians. As reported by the Associated Press (via Yahoo News) on April 16, 2015, […]


Request denied. Photo:

Vietnam veteran denied personal license plates due to sexual technicality

And to think they took cigarette commercials off the air just to see them replaced with ads for flaccid wangs and stanky tangs. A Vietnam veteran found his request for state issued personalized license plates rejected due to reasoning that may be better suited to jokes told by adolescent teens smoking cigarettes in the boy’s […]

Lil' Kim rockin' the new 'do and manscaped eyebrows. Google Image authorized for reuse.

North Korea; Lil’ Kim’s latest claims of super-human abilities

The latest in North Korea’s Kim-family dynasty to cultivate their own self-deification would be the same one derisively referred to as “Lil Kim” by those who see though his often comical faux-aggrandizement. As reported by The Telegraph (of London, United Kingdom) on April 10, 2015, the super-human feats of the 300 pound tyrant who rules […]

Boston terror attack. Photo: Wikipedia.

The Boston Bomber doesn’t deserve life in prison

Editorial Almost two years after that pathetic excuse of a human being and his equally worthless brother not only killed or wounded dozens of innocent people, but also brought the bastion of liberalism better known as the Greater Boston Metropolitan area effectively to a stop, has finally been found guilty of murder, attempted murder, and […]


Kent Terry Demands Accountability on Fast and Furious

Below you will find a very powerful and brutally honest letter written by slain Border Patrol agent Brian Terry’s brother Kent Terry. It is addressed to Senator Grassley. This was written out of sheer frustration, anger and heart break. Our government is at the very least partially responsible for the tragic death of Brian Terry and […]

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