Where Reverence Meets Perfection

“Arlington Cemetery, where it is said ‘reverence and perfection meet.’” This past week, my ministry family and I mandated some time from our college and school tour to go to Arlington Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. We are always putting before our eyes the price paid for the freedom we, as a nation, enjoy (Galatians 3:1). […]

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2014 Elections

Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

First three bills the GOP should pass in January

Having solidified the House and having reclaimed the Senate, the Republican Party is now in a good position to push the Republican agenda. What should be the first five bills the GOP passes in January? They should serve as a platform for the GOP’s plans in the next two years. Whether or not Obama signs […]

President Obama and Valerie Jarrett | Photo Credit Wiki-Media

The delusional spin machine: Democrats explain the midterm losses

Republicans took back the Senate and added members to the House during the midterm elections, but it does not reflect a rejection of Democrat policies and rhetoric, at least according to the progressive spin machine. The gelling narrative is that Americans rejected Democrats because they want politicians to work together, despite Obama’s assertion in October that Democrat “policies are on […]

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The 2009 decapitation and subsequent public crucifixion of Ahmed bin ‘Adhaib bin ‘Askar al-Shamlani al-’Anzi, who was executed on charges homosexual intercourse. Photo via Flickr.

Apple’s gay CEO slams Indiana, but opens stores in Saudi Arabia

In what Indiana’s governor and his supporters describe as defense of any given individual’s religious convictions, detractors roundly decry as blatant discrimination against the LGBT community. Possibly the best explanation of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) rendered down to two sentences would be that as reported by CBS News on March 30, 2015, “Supporters […]


John Kerry; ‘If Allah wills it’

It’s not everyday that the United States Secretary of State invokes the Islamic deity, but as reported, that’s just what John Kerry did. As reported by the Western Journalism news portal (via Google News) on March 30, 2015, Secretary Kerry gave the one word response in Arabic when asked the chances are for a deal […]


Media bias? Naaaahhhh... Photo via Flicker photo sharing.

Media bias: The myth of ‘Occupied’ Israeli Territories

As the joke goes: Do you know why the terrorists didn’t hit the UN Building on 9/11? Because too many of their relatives work there. Yes, official international hatred of Israel has been around for decades. Unfortunately its ugly, terrorist-friendly head has reared itself into the West. Even worse, our allegedly free and objective press […]


Is Obama ushering in Armageddon?

One need only look at the Middle East to realize this may well be the most dangerous time in modern history there, and consequently for the world. The entire region is engulfed in violence between Sunni and Shia factions, between Radical Islam and every other form of religion, and in civil wars and proxy wars […]

Joe bein' Joe. Photo via Twitter.

Obama’s broken 2014 Afghanistan campaign promise ignored by legacy media

The old adage is that uniformed military personnel are often referred to as pawns due to more than a few politicos usually giving their fates very little thought before throwing them into the meat grinder of war. With the legacy media/mainstream media widely ignoring that the same camouflaged chess pieces often used as election campaign […]

Sporting a chrome dome. Photo via Twitter.

Social media questions why Michelle Obama has gone bald

There have been whispers in the corridors of power inside the Washington, DC beltway that Michelle Obama has been dropping more than a few taxpayer dollars on wigs that seemingly change by magic her hair from cut bangs to flowing tresses. Amazingly enough, both styles are of noticeably differing lengths, despite denials by the White […]

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