Sick reaction to NYPD execution: ‘A lot of people were clapping and laughing’

Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were murdered execution style by a crazy person, Ismaaiyl Abdullah  Brinsley, who believed that police officers are evil racist killers because that is what the mainstream media told him. That is what race-baiting community activists told him. That is what President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder and New York Mayor Bill […]

'Stop Gun Violence Now' Video by Rejina Sincic via YouTube [Screenshot]

‘Stop Gun Violence’ video: Teen steals gun from parents and gives to teacher

A “Stop Gun Violence” video posted on YouTube last week promotes troubling messages often inherent in the gun control community. The video was written and directed by Rejina Sincic, who describes herself as an “Indian film director and screenwriter based in San Francisco” on her website. In what Sincic describes as a “Public Service Video on reducing gun violence in schools […]

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2014 Elections

Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

First three bills the GOP should pass in January

Having solidified the House and having reclaimed the Senate, the Republican Party is now in a good position to push the Republican agenda. What should be the first five bills the GOP passes in January? They should serve as a platform for the GOP’s plans in the next two years. Whether or not Obama signs […]

President Obama and Valerie Jarrett | Photo Credit Wiki-Media

The delusional spin machine: Democrats explain the midterm losses

Republicans took back the Senate and added members to the House during the midterm elections, but it does not reflect a rejection of Democrat policies and rhetoric, at least according to the progressive spin machine. The gelling narrative is that Americans rejected Democrats because they want politicians to work together, despite Obama’s assertion in October that Democrat “policies are on […]

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['1st Annual Mayfair Rally To Support Our Police']

Mayfair Rally to support Philly police officers a huge success (video)

The organizers of the “1st Annual Mayfair Rally To Support Our Police” were originally expecting 50-100 people, but were “extremely surprised” after their Facebook invitation was accepted by over a thousand people, as reported at Broadside News. By the time Friday night rolled around, the invitation was accepted by well over 2,000 people. One of the organizers, Jay […]

Brit cops show their "pride." Photo via

Britain: Monk Damon Jonah Kelly expects jail for defending Catholic teachings

Video seen below – Amid laughs and shouts of “Free Palestine,” “Run you Kuffars” and “Allahu Akhbar,” London police run away from rioters. With seismic cultural shifts shaking Western culture with almost predictable regularity, the smatterings of reports regarding individuals or institutions defending traditional values and solidly defined moral codes are sometimes pigeon-holed as the […]

Philadelphia police officers wait in line to pay their respects to fallen Trooper Joshua Miller. Photo Source: mark moran / staff photographer

Something ‘amazing’ happened after citizens started a police support rally

Read about the rally here! The organizers of the “1st Annual Mayfair Rally To Support Our Police” in the Philadelphia area decided that it was time to show Philly police officers that they are appreciated. According to the invitation, posted at Facebook, the event is not designed to be a political statement, but will serve simply to […]

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Democrat front runner H.R.C. still haunted by ‘Hillarycare’

As reported by NBC News on Dec. 16, 2014, Hillary Clinton still bears the title as the presumptive front runner for the Democratic Party’s hopes of keeping the White House in 2016. Yet Republicans aren’t done reminding the nation that Hillarycare very well could have been a much bigger and broader-reaching federal program than even […]


Manny Vega and Blaine Cooper praying at White House with fellow patriots (Facebook)

It is time to take America back

Something deeply disturbing took place last week that was entirely ignored by the criminally corrupt mainstream media. A federal judge ordered the Treasury Inspector General (TIG) to turn over twenty-five hundred documents that would likely have implicated the White House in the IRS scandal. The documents were requested in a freedom of information act by […]

Illegal aliens crossing the border via WND

Obama times amnesty to be buried by Ferguson

Surely it was no accident that President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty for five million illegal aliens came just as the decision was to be announced in the Ferguson case. He knew the Ferguson decision and the inevitable violence he and Eric Holder had helped to stoke would wipe the subject off the front pages of the news. He […]

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Real Social Justice

Much has been made about “Social Justice” by the left. It is their Socialist mantra, their excuse for creating and promoting policies that would level the playing field for their perceived victim groups. It is the cloak of compassion they use to hide their ugly identity politics. They throw out incendiary phrases like aid for […]

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