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Ebola: Planes, trains and automobiles

While the experts reassure the public on Ebola, their actions frighten us In the movie version Barack Obama’s biggest fan Gwyneth Paltrow brought a mysterious “airborne” disease to America killing off millions of Americans except her fictional cuckold husband Matt Damon who was spared to continue the struggle against fracking. Also in the movie version the heroic […]

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2014 Elections

DemRep art via www.co.kleberg.tx.us

The silly season in American politics

We are just two weeks out from the 2014 mid-term elections. This is often considered the silly season in American politics. It is a time when more mud is flung than on a rainy day at Churchill Downs. It is a time when television ads for local car dealers and erectile dysfunction are squeezed out […]

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Fred DuVal supports a 14-year-old’s abortion without parental consent

Arizona voters learned last week that democratic gubernatorial candidate, Fred DuVal, supports a 14-year-old girl having access to abortion without the knowledge or permission of either parent. DuVal admitted this position at the Redemption Church in Gilbert, Ariz., during a low-profile public forum on Tuesday. Forum host, Pastor Tom Shrader, asked DuVal if notarized parental consent should […]

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The federal government places Camp Lonestar in their crosshairs via Texas Observer

Witch hunt? Citizen patrol member arrested; Feds harass wife; No charges filed

BROWNSVILLE, Tx. – A scarcely-detailed news story posted at local ABC affiliate KRGV confirmed that Kevin Massey, a member of Camp Lonestar was arrested by ATF agents “on private property near the border fence” after it was “discovered” that “he is a felon and was in possession of a firearm.” Massey is a part of a border watch group that […]

global governance

Exclusive: Upcoming State Dept. webinar ponders ‘coercive force,’ ‘global governance’

An upcoming webinar titled “The Role of Government” is posted on the State Department’s YouTube page. The discussion is scheduled to take place on Thursday at 11:00 am EDT. As noted in the “about” section, the bizarre “discussion” completely ignores the influence of the Constitution, but intends to address how governments can “still contribute to the global good” […]


Obama needs protection

Obamas failed presidency

The term failed presidency has been bandied about quite a bit lately. I’m sure it was used often toward the end of Jimmy Carters only term also, but what does it really mean? What exactly is the criteria for a failed presidency? One might assume borrowing nearly a trillion dollars as a stimulus for jobs […]

GOP Democrats

The future of America will be decided in November

We are now less than thirty days from the all-important midterm elections. The very future of America is hanging in the balance. That sounds ominous, dire even. It is. This is not hyperbole or vitriolic rhetoric. It is a logical observation based on what the American people demand of their government. This election will reveal […]

Thousands of Syrian Kurds flee to Turkey Friday after being displaced by ISIS in northern Syria via PBS

Obama, ISIS and the southern border

President Obama has had his hand forced by the power of polls to come up with a strategy to deal with the Islamist State also known as ISIS. He is doing the absolute bare minimum to appear as though he is tough and taking action, but not enough to actually do much good. As he […]

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Is there ever true debate with fundamentalist Muslims?

It can quite easily be argued that there’s very little point in debating with most Muslims because there’s rarely any genuine debate in the first place. This has got nothing to do with non-Muslims disagreeing with Muslims or vice versa. It’s because there is no true – or any kind! – of debate to begin […]

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